Wednesday, October 10, 2007


To begin with..i m a dance freak...i hav been dancing since ma childhood days..its been ma passion to dance till i m out of breath.. dancing has been with me when i was crowd.. lonely... happy..sad..joyful..failed..achieved my short..EVERY TIME... i m also at times addressed as a dance maniac! so..u can imagin! :) so these lines come truely from ma heart..disrespect of the fact tht they may sound very casual.. :) so enjoy!

1. Life is dance
dance is life
what should i opt for?
dance or life?

2. It may not make a remarkable difference when i move my body.
but when i sway with emotion and passion as soon as the music is switched on

I call it as MY DANCE!
unique and different!

3. LOVE is important
but what about those people who don't have anyone
for whom being lonely in the crowd is usual
for such ppl living WITH OUT loneliness , sorrows , fear , depression .
The only way is to get ADDICTED and HIGH on DANCE n MUSIC.

4. When you are in love
you may be cheated

When you are working
you may be fired

When you are studying
you may face failure

When you are dreaming
you may be woken up

When you are with friends
you may feel lonely

When you are with your parents
you may face some awkwardness.


When you are numb to the word and deep into dance

no one in this world... including GOD can






and you wil never be LONELY when you are doing something which you r passionate about.

inshort... there is NO ONE to disturb YOU! :)

5. When i look at the world

I stand no where

but when i m dancing with ecstasy and for my self

I look no futher!

6. When a man' s body coordinates with his emotions and feelings which are pouring out of his heart

I call it DANCE.

7.When a man on his death bed sees his dear onse crying for him..the struggle to move his hands and body in order to wipe the tears and make them feel better is nothing but DANCING for others!

Now tht i m ending this blog. i have only one thing to say. DANCE to the fullest. DANCE doesnt mean moving ur body on some tune or song. its ur struggle and a move to rejoice something called LIFE :)!



Manasi said...

just wonderful...truly describes you..:)

Life is dance
dance is life
what should i opt for?
dance or life?

love the way u composed these lines..

gr8 work krits.. rock on..!!!

blog?y not deepti?[:P] said...

hey u've written beautifully!!!u've become a very nice writer now!:)

Dahlia said...

Good for people to know.

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