Saturday, July 31, 2010


LIFE... ever wondered what it is ??? People live for 70 to 80 yrs.. still cant define it..we live it.. but without knowing its meaning..we live today for tomorrow.. do anyone of us no what tomorrow is ? ppl say shape ur tomorrow.. by living the present but then what or which tomorrow they are talking abt??? life is the most unpredictable thing one has ever dealt with .. but still there is no way to skip it and do something else.( suicide is no solution people!)

We live our lives.. but do we rule it or it rules us?? Ppl say don’t interfere in my life but don’t u think life is something which even u can’t interfere with? It does wat it wants to ... n all u can do is watch it and live it. People reading this blog wil be like.. bull shit.. i live my life the way i want to .. n it wil be the way i have shaped it. ..but think deep down.. what your saying is it true completely?? What u are today is what you wanted to be? ( not only professionally but personally also) you haven’t lost anything in these two major departments!?? And when u think y did u lose it ... the answer is THIS IS LIFE!

Some people are really LUCKY to get what they want but did u get it the way u wanted it??? Like u got a job in the company u wanted to be in... But did it pay u d amount u wanted? did it give u the environment u thought it would have? A human being has unlimited needs and wants.. some are fulfilled but some aren’t. The ones which aren’t fulfilled will always be in the head.

Someone looses something or the other in life whether he or she wishes to or not. Looses things/dreams/people for some obvious and for some unreasonable reasons. All one says after it happens is SOMETHING EVEN MORE GOOD IS IN STORE FOR U.... I think thts the most ridiculous line one says to comfort the person.

If something good is really in store then y do we end up having the wrong thing?? to learn a leason that don’t have a mind to dream or wish or to desire or to aspire? If we are gonna get wat life has instore for us .. then y do we have the liberty to think this.. I WANT THIS! I DREAM ABOUT HAVING THT.. just give the shit which we are destined to have! Why beat around the bush .. get hurt .. learn A LESSON and stuff when our future is pre planned.

Our own freedom has no limits our mind and heart has no boundary for wishing or dreaming and when it is bounded by something called destiny.... it is then when the tight slap of life is on our face! Nothing shatters ones heart more than an unfulfilled dream or a thing which was almost in our hands slipped out at the last moment!

Life is too short to crib or to cry abt... just take it the way it is.. MOVING ON is the best option that i think is available in ones way... i no at times there is no MOVE ON .. getting rid of the past shattered dreams... a rough experience or a troublesome event...but then wat do we get by holding on to it ?! It has happened... wat can be done abt it ?!!! LIFE WILL MOVE ANYWAYS... we have no control over our lives leave alone on others... we want the time to stand still but does it? We wat time to rewind but does it ? we want time leap... but does it happen? Watever we want from life.. it will only give wat it has in store for us... you go out of the way to reach out for ur dream or ur passion... it will only be yours if n only if life has it in store for us.

The question is still the same... then why to dream.... why to struggle.. why to work hard... n when we fall down on our face then again why to dream ... why to struggle... blah blah blah.... the answer is simple..

If there isn’t a dream then there isn’t the power inside u to live... if u don’t struggle for the dream then you will never be satisfied from inside!! ... n if u don’t work hard... you ll never be able to live a content life...

So basically life goes on.. but all the mentioned ingredients above only makes it worth livin...!

So you don’t live your life the way you want... your living a life that your life wants you to live..