Saturday, July 31, 2010


LIFE... ever wondered what it is ??? People live for 70 to 80 yrs.. still cant define it..we live it.. but without knowing its meaning..we live today for tomorrow.. do anyone of us no what tomorrow is ? ppl say shape ur tomorrow.. by living the present but then what or which tomorrow they are talking abt??? life is the most unpredictable thing one has ever dealt with .. but still there is no way to skip it and do something else.( suicide is no solution people!)

We live our lives.. but do we rule it or it rules us?? Ppl say don’t interfere in my life but don’t u think life is something which even u can’t interfere with? It does wat it wants to ... n all u can do is watch it and live it. People reading this blog wil be like.. bull shit.. i live my life the way i want to .. n it wil be the way i have shaped it. ..but think deep down.. what your saying is it true completely?? What u are today is what you wanted to be? ( not only professionally but personally also) you haven’t lost anything in these two major departments!?? And when u think y did u lose it ... the answer is THIS IS LIFE!

Some people are really LUCKY to get what they want but did u get it the way u wanted it??? Like u got a job in the company u wanted to be in... But did it pay u d amount u wanted? did it give u the environment u thought it would have? A human being has unlimited needs and wants.. some are fulfilled but some aren’t. The ones which aren’t fulfilled will always be in the head.

Someone looses something or the other in life whether he or she wishes to or not. Looses things/dreams/people for some obvious and for some unreasonable reasons. All one says after it happens is SOMETHING EVEN MORE GOOD IS IN STORE FOR U.... I think thts the most ridiculous line one says to comfort the person.

If something good is really in store then y do we end up having the wrong thing?? to learn a leason that don’t have a mind to dream or wish or to desire or to aspire? If we are gonna get wat life has instore for us .. then y do we have the liberty to think this.. I WANT THIS! I DREAM ABOUT HAVING THT.. just give the shit which we are destined to have! Why beat around the bush .. get hurt .. learn A LESSON and stuff when our future is pre planned.

Our own freedom has no limits our mind and heart has no boundary for wishing or dreaming and when it is bounded by something called destiny.... it is then when the tight slap of life is on our face! Nothing shatters ones heart more than an unfulfilled dream or a thing which was almost in our hands slipped out at the last moment!

Life is too short to crib or to cry abt... just take it the way it is.. MOVING ON is the best option that i think is available in ones way... i no at times there is no MOVE ON .. getting rid of the past shattered dreams... a rough experience or a troublesome event...but then wat do we get by holding on to it ?! It has happened... wat can be done abt it ?!!! LIFE WILL MOVE ANYWAYS... we have no control over our lives leave alone on others... we want the time to stand still but does it? We wat time to rewind but does it ? we want time leap... but does it happen? Watever we want from life.. it will only give wat it has in store for us... you go out of the way to reach out for ur dream or ur passion... it will only be yours if n only if life has it in store for us.

The question is still the same... then why to dream.... why to struggle.. why to work hard... n when we fall down on our face then again why to dream ... why to struggle... blah blah blah.... the answer is simple..

If there isn’t a dream then there isn’t the power inside u to live... if u don’t struggle for the dream then you will never be satisfied from inside!! ... n if u don’t work hard... you ll never be able to live a content life...

So basically life goes on.. but all the mentioned ingredients above only makes it worth livin...!

So you don’t live your life the way you want... your living a life that your life wants you to live..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

therefore i danced ....

A human dances through out his life but still is unaware of this fact and comes up with a line

" oh!! i hav two left feet!!!"


when I was in my mothers womb
I kicked , I punched , I moved
din't realise I was dancing!

when I came in this world
I made faces , I streched , I moved ma eyes in al possible directions
din't realise I was dancing!

When I started crawling
I moved my lips, my shoulders , my joints
din't realise i was dancing!

when I started walking
i got the sense of co ordination , got a sense of rythem , I realised speed
din't realise I was dancing!

when I went to school
I bounced , jumped , excercised , got creative
sat on ma knees ( punishment stupid!) ,learnt gestures ( good onse!)
like shooting ma hand up to answer , peeped and moved my body
slowly n silently to cheat during exams!
din't realise I was dancing!

when I went to college
learnt how to drive a vehicle hence learnt how to balance
learnt perfect cordination of mind and body
learnt how to tackle ppl ( u no no. of lovers;) ) with emotions
got to coorinate with my world efficently
din't realise i was dancing!

when I started working
I worked hard, wiped my sweat
sat n stood up from my chair zillion times
bent with tiredness, stretched to get rid of stress
punched in the air when i kissed success
stamped n twisted my leg in anger when failure slapped me
din't realise I was dancing!!

when I retired
I had nothing to do
I cleaned my car n house
played with my grand childern
moved my body when i craved for work
moved ma old hands n eyes to get a glimps of a book
moved ma body to get closer to my family
dint realise i was dancing!!

when I was on MY DEATH BED
I shivered , I smiled , I saw the world revolving in front ma eyes
I tried moving my body to hold everything i could see for the last time
For the last second
but i lay still .................. FOREVER

tried dancing for the last time , atlast i tried but .......


Thursday, July 17, 2008


When we think about the word above ( the title) its very easy to say it but why is it hard to put it in action ?? Forgiveness means to let go of things , leaving the past n movin on , to forget etc. but then these are just meaningless or sounds when it comes to practice.

why is forgiving someone so hard?

An answer to this question could be " the person who made the mistake or who hurt us is just not worth it !!" but if he/she is not worth it then why are they even entitled to be forgived? Arnt they in ur mind!? ( dont lie to your self atleast!) Wainting for them to say SORRY ?? A word "SORRY" , just a word is so powerful enough that you can actually say ' its ok ' or ' its fine! ' in a jiff? everything they did which made you cry or be angry goes down te drain ??? This is never endin!

I hav no clue why ppl make mistakes or hurt others even when they dont want to and only they know the answer if they are doing it on purpose.

Forgiving someone is somehow easier when such behaviour by a person was unintentional but wat wil you do if he /she confess tht it was intentional ? You ont forgive them nor do you stop thinkin abt them. Gazillion questions shooting up in ur heart n brain ! The confussion and the thinkin process never stops!

its even more irritatin when the faulty is not even apologetic .The abuses by you has no end! The very fact tht your hurt and no one is bothered to say 'YES. I m responsible.' makes you spit fire. So now the question is " Whats the solution !?"

Ignoring is no solution ! coz the anger , the feeling n the thinkin wil never leave u alone!

After thinking for like ages , I hav a rough answer to it . BACK TO SQUARE ONE!


Forgive tht god damn person. Call him/her up or sms or in public just say it... UR FORGIVEN !

If you dont wanna say UR FORGIVED! act or be normal/casual with that person. The very expression on his/her face when you buzz a HI! casually will be soothing! ;) ( how wicked can my imagination be!!:D )

when your normal n chillin around asusual , tht person wil realise his/her mistake and wil be quilty. If not , TO HELL WITH HIM/HER! , tht person is seriously a DUMB ASS n needs a KICK ON HIS.. ( the blank can be filled with your liguistic skills! ;)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


To begin with..i m a dance freak...i hav been dancing since ma childhood days..its been ma passion to dance till i m out of breath.. dancing has been with me when i was crowd.. lonely... happy..sad..joyful..failed..achieved my short..EVERY TIME... i m also at times addressed as a dance maniac! so..u can imagin! :) so these lines come truely from ma heart..disrespect of the fact tht they may sound very casual.. :) so enjoy!

1. Life is dance
dance is life
what should i opt for?
dance or life?

2. It may not make a remarkable difference when i move my body.
but when i sway with emotion and passion as soon as the music is switched on

I call it as MY DANCE!
unique and different!

3. LOVE is important
but what about those people who don't have anyone
for whom being lonely in the crowd is usual
for such ppl living WITH OUT loneliness , sorrows , fear , depression .
The only way is to get ADDICTED and HIGH on DANCE n MUSIC.

4. When you are in love
you may be cheated

When you are working
you may be fired

When you are studying
you may face failure

When you are dreaming
you may be woken up

When you are with friends
you may feel lonely

When you are with your parents
you may face some awkwardness.


When you are numb to the word and deep into dance

no one in this world... including GOD can






and you wil never be LONELY when you are doing something which you r passionate about.

inshort... there is NO ONE to disturb YOU! :)

5. When i look at the world

I stand no where

but when i m dancing with ecstasy and for my self

I look no futher!

6. When a man' s body coordinates with his emotions and feelings which are pouring out of his heart

I call it DANCE.

7.When a man on his death bed sees his dear onse crying for him..the struggle to move his hands and body in order to wipe the tears and make them feel better is nothing but DANCING for others!

Now tht i m ending this blog. i have only one thing to say. DANCE to the fullest. DANCE doesnt mean moving ur body on some tune or song. its ur struggle and a move to rejoice something called LIFE :)!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

LOAFING other words.. ADAM TEASING..

About ma description i m salmaa begum aludin khan in other words Saba! sitting along wit ma frnds ...kamini ghantawala.. n julie anthony...i love ma chamakchalo ( a lite blue color CHETAK with silver color accessories on it ...mast hain na! ) setting ma hair( a tere nam style!) properly with champa oil! accessories i m sportin is a 50/- sun glasses! 10/- silver bracelet shinnin on ma dark brown skin..a red handkerchief aound ma neck just adding a star to ma "not to be missed" looks!! ma cloths are just too perfect for this event which is gonna take place soon! a bright yellow t-shirt readin TOMMY HILAFIGER! n a 100/- LEVIS JEANS! mind u al these r original!

whit ma half broken helmet i was sitting in OHRIS - imax , the best place to be for ma fav. job ADAM TEASING.. Adam teasing is quite common in hyderabad while eve teasing is next to impossible coz the guyz here are too shy to do anything of this sort.. thts wat helps ma time pass job to be successful! the scenario here in hyderabad is ...guyz r quite good lookin n they r in abundant n girls like me r very few...u no ..good lookin dashin..ohh i m runnin out of words!

waitin for the afternoon show to be over....n more crowed comin in...( as i m always jobless! i come to imax daily! ) i saw a bunch of nicely dressed boyz coming n occupying the table rite opposite us. A GOLDEN CHANCE! while they were discussin wat to eat..i was busy writtin down some beautiful lines on a piece of paper..i wrote 5 shayaries on 5 different chits n ma contact no. at the end of it! ( a common practice n the easiest way to contact! ;)) as the menu board was rite at the back of me! they were stairin at it! ( obviously at the corner of their eyes! even me! u no they cant miss such a beauty ) when ma eyes met wit one of the guys in the group i dint miss a second n winked at him...he was shocked! ( a usual expression coz they r shy! ) n just looked away... after a while when i met his eyes again..i just gave him a flyin kiss! to this he was so furious and exchanged his place wit his frnd...after a while..i threw a chit on them which said

tere dil main meri saanson ko panah miljaye!
tere ishq main meri jaan fanaa hojaye!

hi meri jaan plz contact
saba . ph .no. 1234556

it was a hit dialog from the movie was actally nice seenin tht movie...shoutin..whistling n throwin bits of paper in the air! is always fun!

readin this one of the guys got very angry n furious! so he shouted.."ghar main baap bhai nahi hain kya!?" ( this was so unusual! )to this i turned n said.. nahi hain..tu ara kya!?
hearing this..the whole group got up n walked away n one guy started crying coz teasing was new to him! ... kamini n julie started singing..khudko kya samajhta hain itna akadta hain..lalalala!! this was hilarious.!!

before we could go n tease some more guyz wit our intelligent ideas! one of the boyz in tht group went n complained to the security guard ms.subba laxmi ( the scariest! ) she came runnin to us along wit a couple of other guards! it was time to run but before we could , they caught hold of us! n we were thrown out of the complex! as if it mattered! we hav 100 other places to we opted necklace road!

other stories continue the same way! Adam teasing increasin day by day! its becomin a hell for sober n nice guyz to stay freely! they r always scared of us! they cant roam alone in the night coz some of my frnds! just follow them al the way! n scare them..oh ok..some of them do go out of the way to help them when they r scared! but we r so naughty n troubling tht we dont let the boys of hyderabad breath freely! thts y we r always a pain for the poice ppl!

thts all for now! there r 100 other stories! but then one at a time! till then let me trouble more guyz n hav fun! kabhi na kabhi ek toh patega! ;)


this is a fiction work! just the genders r changed the scenario in hyderabad is just vise versa!
thanks for reading! thts all for now flocks! bye! cheers!

Saturday, April 7, 2007


findin ppl like me in this world was not tht easy..talkin abt short i m ....lazy..foodie...a bit moody..hate typical tatoos..bikes..whistlin ( wit fingers!) dressin wit branded men jeans! ( which fits me!) wit a loose t shirts for a party..rather than a gown..or salwar! ( plz!)..til today i doubt tht any of ma frnds ( guyz!) ever treated me as a girl...i was referd always as a GUY..or A DUDE! ( they forgot the TTE after DUDE!).. talkin non sense in front of me n reactin in a shocked manner when told " hell ..a girl sittin here!!!) ..being like this was difficult to settle down wit girls who would talk abt nailpolish colors or their next trip to a beauty parlour! u must be thinkin she hardly has girls as frnds then...but u no ma life is not tht sad.. let me tel u !!! i m blessed wit 4 more girls who r just like me!

we would love talkin abt non sense stuff ( which girls usually dont prefer talkin abt or say thy dont find these stuffs interestin ) rather than talkin abt the new lip color in market! haha..we r tagged as the PJ ANGELS! BHUKHADS! KANDIES! n wat not..we r al the same.. ( a few variations here n there! ) but hav same kind of thinkin..n our mothers hav 4 extra daughter!! ( ek saath char free!)

when life took a turn after 12th..we were al in 4 differnt in NIFT..manc n div in LAW..deep in ENG....n trip in B.COM ( PROF) ..being in contact was tough..but thn told u ! we r like mirror images! we meet atleast 2 times a week! not tht we dont hav other frnds! but we r use to each other!

when left ma frnds for ma so called FUTURE! i met many ppl...few stayed few moved on n stopped ..few dint even stop! ( i care a damn!) of them was there but only for a short while but stil had a big impression on me!

basically me not tryin to tell how many frnds i made..or how good i m in makin frnds n all..but just tyrin ma level best to write down how important frnds r ...n wil be! i hav 4 best frnds! u may hav none! but trust there wil be one person in this crowded world who ll stick to u even when u think tht he or she never cared a damn for u!!! this is world!

some ppl think tht frnds r just some kind of ppl who wil stab u on ur back..n then run away..but its not completely true...if ppl stab on ur back they r not ur frnds...n frnds dont stab on ur back! they ll give u a frndly punch on ur bag n say " kyun be salle! kahan tha!? i no there r ppl in this world who hav not met ppl who r so frndly..but wait n watch..or rather look around...u ll be havin not one but so many ppl who would love to be ur frnd not for ur money or ur priced assets or looks..but for ur frndship..ur nature n ur precious time..

there r differnt type of frnds u make! some r too good..some r nice.. n some r just for the heck of it! it depends entirely on u whom u select n whom u dont! but dont crib later after u made your choice or rather selection n say! man..this person just left me when i needed them the most..n dont be surprised to c the one u rejected comes along n stands...!i hav seen this happenin ...

i m not a good decision maker..i also fell so many times rite on ma face! coz i was dejected n rejected even when i gave in ma 100%..but thts ok! coz it was ma choice to make such a frnd!! i m not sad or guilty abt it! but i hav learnt something which is important to survive in this world n tht is to stand up again on ur feet wit the same dignity n self respect..wats the big deal if one person is not the way u thought him or her to be..ther r many who r just the way u want ur frnds to be like! ( this point rather hits n hints towards something which is bit more than frndship!)

fnrds r ment to be the way u dreamt ur frnds to be like! dont change ur self or ur identity for them..coz if u do n they happy abt it..then plz they r not ur frnds! ( changin in the sense! for the worst or to a personality who is just ur opposite!)

this is wat i think frnds r al abt! yaroon dosti badi hi haseen hain! ppl may not be happy wit ma point of u ! but hey ! its ma blog n i write wat i want to!! love the ppl who r tagged as frnds by me! n love ppl who tagged me as there frnds! n i also appreciate the ppl who just kicked ma ass n said! bye bye sweety we hav someone else! coz they taught me a good lesson!

so this is al! ...cheers!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the biggest question "y "?

when we were kids it was fun to hang around wit any guy or girl u c next to u ..playin all silly wall touch , ice n water...ahh those were the days...anybody gives u a chocolate becomes ur bestfrnd thts it...just think abt it.. balloons, chocolates, flowers, soft toys, cards ( season greetings) were meant only for fun...with out any hidden msg.. without any feelings...just for pure pass time...a person who gives u this when u r 10 u just thank him or her for it...n enjoy it to the fullest..then wat happens within a few yrs???? when u 16 or 18 u r gifted a box of chocolates from a guy ( evn when he says ghar per extra the !) u take it otherwise..100 things runnin on ur mind..does tht guy like me...did he want to say something...?some hidden msg..?some code which u try to decode til u dont get an answer..y ? we dont enjoy it but think hard on the msg passed on....on ur bday ur gifted a soft it a teddy bear...again 100 things on ur mind...y ? when ? how? is it so ? ...hhmm....again hrs spent on it..rather than usin it as a nice decoration piece ...u use it as a souvenir...yyyyyyy? flowers just passed on a normal day ( ok essa kabhi hota nahi but stil !) the whole weeks gone...questionin the frnds ...searchin for answers...some kind of eagerness...kyun? cant u just take it n say thx...n keep it in a vase!? ..its easy to say..but i no this doesnt happen.! ur frnd is gifted al this ..but u not..u feel low..sad..y ? ( though ur parents provide every little / small thing u demand!)

tendency to go towards the opposite sex increases so much in a span of say 5 to 6 yrs itna? rather than books u prefer talkin to him or her..even if u hav no intensions as such...but al of a sudden a simple " hi" frm him or her ..give u goosebumps...yyy????? some kind of fear some kind of eagerness..some kind of happiness...some kind of feelins in ur stomach!!! wow...god ur gr8...u connect the emotions wit our body so well...spl. the blushin part! ths has embarrased almost al of us! count me in...

when ur heart is broken or in other words shatterd into pieces...( mostly tagged!) wat goes wrong...frustration ...sadness...wanna die...tears just rollin down...tendency to commite suicide!( heard many ppl talkin abt it!) for whom..the jerk who never ever cared abt u !? an asshole who dint even think twice before doin watever he/she did to u ???? y ? the world of a sudden...the dark cloud just crashes down! y ?

these questions r so lonely! coz they hav no answers....( from our point of u ..not from some psychiatrists!)