Wednesday, December 10, 2008

therefore i danced ....

A human dances through out his life but still is unaware of this fact and comes up with a line

" oh!! i hav two left feet!!!"


when I was in my mothers womb
I kicked , I punched , I moved
din't realise I was dancing!

when I came in this world
I made faces , I streched , I moved ma eyes in al possible directions
din't realise I was dancing!

When I started crawling
I moved my lips, my shoulders , my joints
din't realise i was dancing!

when I started walking
i got the sense of co ordination , got a sense of rythem , I realised speed
din't realise I was dancing!

when I went to school
I bounced , jumped , excercised , got creative
sat on ma knees ( punishment stupid!) ,learnt gestures ( good onse!)
like shooting ma hand up to answer , peeped and moved my body
slowly n silently to cheat during exams!
din't realise I was dancing!

when I went to college
learnt how to drive a vehicle hence learnt how to balance
learnt perfect cordination of mind and body
learnt how to tackle ppl ( u no no. of lovers;) ) with emotions
got to coorinate with my world efficently
din't realise i was dancing!

when I started working
I worked hard, wiped my sweat
sat n stood up from my chair zillion times
bent with tiredness, stretched to get rid of stress
punched in the air when i kissed success
stamped n twisted my leg in anger when failure slapped me
din't realise I was dancing!!

when I retired
I had nothing to do
I cleaned my car n house
played with my grand childern
moved my body when i craved for work
moved ma old hands n eyes to get a glimps of a book
moved ma body to get closer to my family
dint realise i was dancing!!

when I was on MY DEATH BED
I shivered , I smiled , I saw the world revolving in front ma eyes
I tried moving my body to hold everything i could see for the last time
For the last second
but i lay still .................. FOREVER

tried dancing for the last time , atlast i tried but .......