Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the biggest question "y "?

when we were kids it was fun to hang around wit any guy or girl u c next to u ..playin all silly stuff..like wall touch , ice n water...ahh those were the days...anybody gives u a chocolate becomes ur bestfrnd thts it...just think abt it.. balloons, chocolates, flowers, soft toys, cards ( season greetings) were meant only for fun...with out any hidden msg.. without any feelings...just for pure fun...to pass time...a person who gives u this when u r 10 u just thank him or her for it...n enjoy it to the fullest..then wat happens within a few yrs???? when u 16 or 18 u r gifted a box of chocolates from a guy ( evn when he says ghar per extra the !) u take it otherwise..100 things runnin on ur mind..does tht guy like me...did he want to say something...?some hidden msg..?some code which u try to decode til u dont get an answer..y ? we dont enjoy it but think hard on the msg passed on....on ur bday ur gifted a soft toy...be it a teddy bear...again 100 things on ur mind...y ? when ? how? is it so ? ...hhmm....again hrs spent on it..rather than usin it as a nice decoration piece ...u use it as a souvenir...yyyyyyy? flowers just passed on a normal day ( ok essa kabhi hota nahi but stil !) the whole weeks gone...questionin the frnds ...searchin for answers...some kind of eagerness...kyun? cant u just take it n say thx...n keep it in a vase!? ..its easy to say..but i no this doesnt happen.! ur frnd is gifted al this ..but u not..u feel low..sad..y ? ( though ur parents provide every little / small thing u demand!)

tendency to go towards the opposite sex increases so much in a span of say 5 to 6 yrs itna? rather than books u prefer talkin to him or her..even if u hav no intensions as such...but al of a sudden a simple " hi" frm him or her ..give u goosebumps...yyy????? some kind of fear some kind of eagerness..some kind of happiness...some kind of feelins in ur stomach!!! wow...god ur gr8...u connect the emotions wit our body so well...spl. the blushin part! ths has embarrased almost al of us! count me in...

when ur heart is broken or in other words shatterd into pieces...( mostly tagged!) wat goes wrong...frustration ...sadness...wanna die...tears just rollin down...tendency to commite suicide!( heard many ppl talkin abt it!) for whom..the jerk who never ever cared abt u !? an asshole who dint even think twice before doin watever he/she did to u ???? y ? the world ends...al of a sudden...the dark cloud just crashes down! y ?

these questions r so lonely! coz they hav no answers....( from our point of u ..not from some psychiatrists view..lol!)

Friday, March 9, 2007

the tragedy queen..!

this blog is for those ppl who dont no y m i called the tragedy queen...cracked ma head for hrs..to recollect those moments n days which made this tag of mine more stronger...at times funny at times hurtin...but the tag was always there! so here i go..

situation - i was born
tragedy - on 11th sept ( though it was after 13 yrs!!)

situation - came down to hyderabad , was a cute lookin kid.. !
tragedy - a beautiful lookin girl just one yr elder to me next door! ( she was loved more!)

situation - got admission in ROSARY CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL
tragedy - all saints next to it !!( hehehe...!!!!)

situation - i hate this teacher who use to pul ma ears!!
tragedy- she being ma subject teacher for 3 yrs !!!

situation- ma best frnd looses money.. !
tragedy - she ends up blamin me !!!!!

situation - made a nice frnd circle!
tragedy -was shifted to another class.!. ( damn.. this was irritatin .. section "b " was patheticaly awesome!!)

situation - me day dreamin abt nothing in ma math class in col!
tragedy - ma mom was told i was in love wit someone!! ( knock knock!!!! .. hello its me!!!)

situation - first time saw a movie wit a guy! ( in a group..but was sittin next to him!)
tragedy - the name of the movie was...page 3!!!! ( oh ok..u can laugh!)

situation - made a very good frnd whom i thought was sensable!
tragedy - he used me for ma frnds no.! damn..!cant blame him..ma frnd actually good lookin(hehehe)!!!!

situation- wit full josh took MEC!!! (math eco n comm)
tragedy - slept in al classes..n developed a fear for math ( ask ma frnds) n acc!!!!

situation - slogged for nift entrance ....
tragedy - forgot ma hall ticket n ended up screwin the paper..by not readin the ques. properly !

situation -got into nift...had high hopes on makin nice frnds!
tragedy - was surrounded by good frnds...!n also few gays n homos...!( they r actually sweet)

situation - i likin this guy who also ( i think ) liked me !
tragedy - this is like.. wow.. let me leave this space..blank..

situation - ma frnds hav time to talk to me.. !!!!
tragedy - nift never gave me time to.. :(

a few more tragedies here and there..but remember only these...along with these moments i enjoyed life to the fullest... thts al for now... cheers..

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

life til the moment it was ok!

a blog ...ahh..not ma cup of tea...writing down ur thoughts in proper english..keeping it as simple as it can be along with its complications...not at all me...saw ma other frnds doin it...( a good job though! ) never really made me rite one! until i came up wit this new theory of doin everthin in life whether u no it or not...so i thought y not give it a try..( trip its ok girl! without slang i cant write a line!:p)

life was never same...i was tht ship which was either hit by a whirlpool or a storm..n at times..tide just went from the side...oh ok this is exaggeration..ma life was rockin till ma school days! ( leavin ma truamas..like ma frnd not talkin to me! i runnin at the back of teachers like a chamchi...ya ya..i was like tht!) the farewel day came in a flash givin us a tag of EX ROSARIANS.

Goin for movies skippin classes was the first thing i learnt in college...but without tellin ma parents..is wat i still got to learn..Maa goin for this movie...no? oh ok..me comin home...then a AHHHHH...from ma fellowmates...

When the FACTOR "V" hit the college world! life took a 12 degree turn but ma frnship life took a full 360 degrees turn...dont u agree?( its ok if this point confuses u !)

Came to no wat true frnds r al abt! n made this world of famous five...ahh...wonderful!

sorry for the linguestic skills i lack...but ma bolg wouldnt be prefect if it was not this way!! cheers!