Thursday, July 17, 2008


When we think about the word above ( the title) its very easy to say it but why is it hard to put it in action ?? Forgiveness means to let go of things , leaving the past n movin on , to forget etc. but then these are just meaningless or sounds when it comes to practice.

why is forgiving someone so hard?

An answer to this question could be " the person who made the mistake or who hurt us is just not worth it !!" but if he/she is not worth it then why are they even entitled to be forgived? Arnt they in ur mind!? ( dont lie to your self atleast!) Wainting for them to say SORRY ?? A word "SORRY" , just a word is so powerful enough that you can actually say ' its ok ' or ' its fine! ' in a jiff? everything they did which made you cry or be angry goes down te drain ??? This is never endin!

I hav no clue why ppl make mistakes or hurt others even when they dont want to and only they know the answer if they are doing it on purpose.

Forgiving someone is somehow easier when such behaviour by a person was unintentional but wat wil you do if he /she confess tht it was intentional ? You ont forgive them nor do you stop thinkin abt them. Gazillion questions shooting up in ur heart n brain ! The confussion and the thinkin process never stops!

its even more irritatin when the faulty is not even apologetic .The abuses by you has no end! The very fact tht your hurt and no one is bothered to say 'YES. I m responsible.' makes you spit fire. So now the question is " Whats the solution !?"

Ignoring is no solution ! coz the anger , the feeling n the thinkin wil never leave u alone!

After thinking for like ages , I hav a rough answer to it . BACK TO SQUARE ONE!


Forgive tht god damn person. Call him/her up or sms or in public just say it... UR FORGIVEN !

If you dont wanna say UR FORGIVED! act or be normal/casual with that person. The very expression on his/her face when you buzz a HI! casually will be soothing! ;) ( how wicked can my imagination be!!:D )

when your normal n chillin around asusual , tht person wil realise his/her mistake and wil be quilty. If not , TO HELL WITH HIM/HER! , tht person is seriously a DUMB ASS n needs a KICK ON HIS.. ( the blank can be filled with your liguistic skills! ;)