Wednesday, June 27, 2007

LOAFING other words.. ADAM TEASING..

About ma description i m salmaa begum aludin khan in other words Saba! sitting along wit ma frnds ...kamini ghantawala.. n julie anthony...i love ma chamakchalo ( a lite blue color CHETAK with silver color accessories on it ...mast hain na! ) setting ma hair( a tere nam style!) properly with champa oil! accessories i m sportin is a 50/- sun glasses! 10/- silver bracelet shinnin on ma dark brown skin..a red handkerchief aound ma neck just adding a star to ma "not to be missed" looks!! ma cloths are just too perfect for this event which is gonna take place soon! a bright yellow t-shirt readin TOMMY HILAFIGER! n a 100/- LEVIS JEANS! mind u al these r original!

whit ma half broken helmet i was sitting in OHRIS - imax , the best place to be for ma fav. job ADAM TEASING.. Adam teasing is quite common in hyderabad while eve teasing is next to impossible coz the guyz here are too shy to do anything of this sort.. thts wat helps ma time pass job to be successful! the scenario here in hyderabad is ...guyz r quite good lookin n they r in abundant n girls like me r very few...u no ..good lookin dashin..ohh i m runnin out of words!

waitin for the afternoon show to be over....n more crowed comin in...( as i m always jobless! i come to imax daily! ) i saw a bunch of nicely dressed boyz coming n occupying the table rite opposite us. A GOLDEN CHANCE! while they were discussin wat to eat..i was busy writtin down some beautiful lines on a piece of paper..i wrote 5 shayaries on 5 different chits n ma contact no. at the end of it! ( a common practice n the easiest way to contact! ;)) as the menu board was rite at the back of me! they were stairin at it! ( obviously at the corner of their eyes! even me! u no they cant miss such a beauty ) when ma eyes met wit one of the guys in the group i dint miss a second n winked at him...he was shocked! ( a usual expression coz they r shy! ) n just looked away... after a while when i met his eyes again..i just gave him a flyin kiss! to this he was so furious and exchanged his place wit his frnd...after a while..i threw a chit on them which said

tere dil main meri saanson ko panah miljaye!
tere ishq main meri jaan fanaa hojaye!

hi meri jaan plz contact
saba . ph .no. 1234556

it was a hit dialog from the movie was actally nice seenin tht movie...shoutin..whistling n throwin bits of paper in the air! is always fun!

readin this one of the guys got very angry n furious! so he shouted.."ghar main baap bhai nahi hain kya!?" ( this was so unusual! )to this i turned n said.. nahi hain..tu ara kya!?
hearing this..the whole group got up n walked away n one guy started crying coz teasing was new to him! ... kamini n julie started singing..khudko kya samajhta hain itna akadta hain..lalalala!! this was hilarious.!!

before we could go n tease some more guyz wit our intelligent ideas! one of the boyz in tht group went n complained to the security guard ms.subba laxmi ( the scariest! ) she came runnin to us along wit a couple of other guards! it was time to run but before we could , they caught hold of us! n we were thrown out of the complex! as if it mattered! we hav 100 other places to we opted necklace road!

other stories continue the same way! Adam teasing increasin day by day! its becomin a hell for sober n nice guyz to stay freely! they r always scared of us! they cant roam alone in the night coz some of my frnds! just follow them al the way! n scare them..oh ok..some of them do go out of the way to help them when they r scared! but we r so naughty n troubling tht we dont let the boys of hyderabad breath freely! thts y we r always a pain for the poice ppl!

thts all for now! there r 100 other stories! but then one at a time! till then let me trouble more guyz n hav fun! kabhi na kabhi ek toh patega! ;)


this is a fiction work! just the genders r changed the scenario in hyderabad is just vise versa!
thanks for reading! thts all for now flocks! bye! cheers!


Kranthi said...

Oh my god....this one was toooo good not to leave a comment for !!!....quite hilarious....kool !!

Anonymous said...

really engaging!

ShAkE Inc. said...

greto...nice flow ther.

err...mor writing, pls :-D

Animesh said...

nice blog.. nice genre..

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